• Trip with professional team

    - Rachel, United States

      In Nepal, we had a fantastic trip! From the initial airport pickup to the ending airport dropoff, everything was done in a very professional manner. A lot of new things were observed and learned by us. We gained an understanding of Nepali culture and lifestyle from our journey, which was ...

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  • Amazing Experience

    - Joyce Miller, Australia

      The managers, drivers, and tour guides of Relax Getaways are all very service-oriented. They continually verify that they meet your needs. The tour guides are well informed about both local landmarks and Nepalese history. They are punctual, customer-focused, polite, helpful, and social. They also go above and above for you. ...

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  • Great Tour organizer

    - Jennifer, United States

      My family and I had a great visit to Nepal. I made contact with Relax Getaways, who organized our trip to Kathmandu, because of its historical significance, natural beauty, and rich cultural traditions. We've had tours in other countries before, but that was the best one. While we were there, ...

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  • Great tour

    - Charles Perez, Spain

      I highly advise taking this tour! Ram, our tour guide, was fantastic; he spoke perfect English and was very knowledgeable. He responded to all of our inquiries and was very accommodating when we wanted to make additional stops for lunch and money exchange. On our first day in Kathmandu, we ...

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  • amazing and inspiring place

    - Anderw Holland, United States

    I just returned from a Golden Triangle tour of Nepal. Nepal is the most amazing and inspiring place I've ever traveled to. Every city speaks a different language.  Nepal is a fantastic tourist destination with a complete complement of royalty, sophistication, and adventure. There are mountains, wilderness, monuments, a limitless supply ...

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  • Fantastic Sunrise hike

    - Stephanie Evans, Ukraine

      Ram was appointed as my guide for the sunrise tour hike at Nagarkot, and we had a fantastic day of climbing through the hills and down the Kathmandu valley. It was a delight to have Rqm as my guide because he is well knowledgeable about the area and its history. I heartily ...

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  • Unforgettable trek

    - Sarah, United States

    My lifelong goal was to visit Everest Base Camp. Ram took wonderful care of us throughout the entire trip, and the entire thing was well-organized. Everything was meticulously planned out, including the lodging, meals, five-star hotels, showers, and medical supplies. The lodges on the mountain were outstanding, luxurious, and offered ...

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  • Exceptional trip

    - Adele, Germany

    In my entire life, it was a trip I will never forget. The Luxury Holiday Nepal comes highly recommended, and I've joined this company for future vacations.  

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