Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Asia. The diverse nature and culture of the Himalayan countries attract everyone to visit more and more. The endless Himalayan trials and the beauties spread all over from the top of the snowy mountains to the lower plains through the foothills and hilly areas, and the uniques, ancient and beautiful cultures and tradition, values and norms, faiths and beliefs and those motivation brilliant arts and marvelous architecture are so amazing to include in your holidays and all these are in a single holiday in Nepal. Although a short and single holiday is not enough to explore the hidden gems hiding inside the Himalayan nation, one can taste and take a bite of the beautiful Nepal vacation experience.

The Cultural beauty of Nepal and the natural blessings are not limited to some perspectives. The Nepalese beauty blush in diverse nature and culture that bless Nepal with the most prosperity of beauty. Unique and different Ecosystems, variant climates and climatic zones, topographic variance and vibrant terrain, floras and faunas, variations of altitudes, and many other things make every corner of Nepal an awful place. The beauty of Nepal is not limited to the diverse and blissful nature, the blessings of diverse culture and tradition add colors and shine in the Jewels of Nepal. People in Nepal share different and distinctive cultures and traditions, celebrating different festivals but all together, enjoy authentic foods and cuisines and share among them. Each community and group has its own culture, tradition, norms and practices, costumes, rituals, festivals, and even language but all of them live and stay in harmony. Every group of peoples and community has their own faith and beliefs and way of worshiping and celebrating. There are thousands of traditional and century-old temples in Nepal and some of them present evidence of civilization and before modern civilization humanization too.

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  • Weather and Climate in Nepal

    The Climate of Nepal is dependent on altitude variation (ranges from 75m to and 8,848.86m above sea level) and Geographical features. As in the western world, there are four seasons ...

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  • History of Nepal

    Nepal is a sovereign country with an ancient civilization, discovered thousands of years ago, and lies between China and India, South Asia.  The famous Hindu Literature such as The Puranas, The ...

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  • Nepal Travel Info: Complete Nepal Tourist Visa Information

    Talking about the Visa Policy of Nepal, it is one of the most liberal Visa Policy which allows everyone to enter the Territory of Nepal. Except for Indian Citizens, everyone ...

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