Low price guaranteed

Relax Getaways in the young startup that has been successful in creating best holiday deals and offering best holidays packages to our valuable customers. We assure our clients and visitors, the rate we quote is economically low in its category and best in services. 

How the price of Relax Getaways is that low?

Efficient Team of Knowledgeable Members

Relax Getaways is a group of young with innovative ideas. With the knowledge of the cost reduction and deduction with the allocation of resources to the respective overheads, the team has been able to offer the best low price. The actual reason for the low price is the knowledge of cost and overheads that brings everyone to reduce charges to that low level without affecting the quality of the services and betterness of the deals.

Best Service Providers as a Partner

Relax Getaways works with different companies who are the best service providers in their respective destinations. We are working on behalf of the service providers means we have fewer channel members. We connect the travelers to the actual service providers. Less middle-person or less commissioning agents automatically reduce the cost of the service we are offering.

A Smooth and Trustful Relationship with Hotels and Transportations

Another reason for our low price is our relation with hotels and transportations. We are working with the best hotels and transportation companies that serve a better qualitative service. We have a business alliance and deals with Hotels and travel companies who give us special commercial prices so that we make our deals more affordable and economical as well. We also work with them in a bulk package so that the cost will be negotiable and financially lower compare to others. 

But remember that, our this alliance is not to reduce any service or deduct the quality of the products. A slight compromise in the quality is not acceptable.

The Mission and Vision of the Company

Relax Getaways is moving forward with aim of becoming the trusted tour and travel agency in the international platforms to give any nationals a gateway to enter their dream destinations. And to achieve our vision, we are more consistent over the quality of the product and service that we are offering rather than high margin. We focus on Value Maximization rather than Profit Maximization. Values added to the cost of our deals are too small so, you get the best an economic and ideal price. Relax Getaways focus on long term planning and executes short term plans to achieve its visions.

Relax Getaways exceptionally handcraft the holidays and vacations with better qualitative services so everyone can afford it. We believe everyone has a right to travel, explore, and visit the world of their dream.

We hope to serve you again and again with different package and different destinations.