Best time to visit Nepal 2023

  • Apr 25, 2023
  • Prathana

The best time to visit Nepal depends on what you plan to do and see during your trip. Nepal has a diverse climate due to its geography, with different regions experiencing different weather patterns at different times of the year. This Himalayan nation offers a unique range of amazing views. Nepal is home to some of the highest peaks, brilliantly tranquil rivers, and beautiful green hills. Nepal grandstands a different view in each season to guests: Nepal gets blossomy green in the monsoon, snowy in winter, splendid and resonant in the summer, and a bunch of magnificence in Autumn. 

The temperature ranges its highest from 35°C to the lowest of 1°C. Nepal brings a lot to the table throughout the entire year. Nepal gives you the best opportunity to go to Nepal simultaneously with the activities on your bucket list. 

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Winter in Nepal 

Winter in Nepal is cold, yet the cold temperature is blended with splendid daylight and clear blue skies. It tends to be a brilliant time for the more experienced traveler to climb the mountains. The Winter season in Nepal is additionally preferable to witness some spectacle views and capture amazing photographs
suited for taking a photograph that captures Nepal's shocking natural magnificence.

Winter in Nepal generally comes with a dry and excessive drop in the temperatures. Places located in higher altitudes share truly amazing and comfortable days however nights get excessively colder. The average amount of precipitation during these winter months is 15mm. One of the obvious reasons to choose the winter season to explore Nepal is that you will get a chance to visit places with fewer crowds. 

Best months to visit Nepal in Winter: 

In Nepal, winter starts in December and lasts till February. 
As far as the climate, winter is considered the ideal opportunity to visit Chitwan National Park, an incredible destination for jungle walks and safari endeavors. The winter season is additionally a delightful opportunity to put in a couple of days exploring Bandipur. This beguiling town will grab your attention with its conventional wooden design, markets, and picturesque paths.
In Kathmandu, the winter season gives an incredible chance to explore the old city. Cold weather is the best opportunity to enjoy a cup of authentic Nepali tea and coffee.

The Winter season tends to be a good time for trekking even though the weather is unavoidably colder. If you are an experienced traveler, then this can be an amazing opportunity to trek in the mountain regions. 

Summer in Nepal 

With the starting of June, Nepal welcomes summer. The temperature gets hot and muggy. So the rainfall gives breaks from hotness. During summer, mornings are frequently clear, it does not rain the whole day but it rains somewhere once a day. Additionally, summer is an amazing time to visit Nepal to keep away from the crowd and the peak season costs. 
The summer stays in Nepal from the end of May to the end of August. Temperature goes up to 30°C. Summer is the best time to experience a lot of great things and experience to explore this place when the sun is out in this Himalayan country.

Best months to visit Nepal in Summer: 

Summer is a phenomenal season to find Kathmandu's historical heritage. Also, on the off chance that you get found out in the monsoon rain (mid-June to early Sept), you can continuously hang out at one of the numerous Bistros and tea houses.

If you are traveling to Nepal for exploration during summer, make sure to consider unexpected changes to your schedule. As rainfall can influence transport, postponements and cancelations are possible. Look at street conditions before your adventure starts, and do not forget to bring a waterproof dress.
It is as well to remember, it will be hot and rainy, so you can get out and explore the country during summer. 

Nepal in Spring 

The Spring season in Nepal is a somewhat splendid bunch of months. With the longer and more charming days, many blossoms sprouting and meadows acquire a wide assortment of colors. The months between March and May are the absolute best for witnessing the brilliance of Nepal and trek and exploring around the country. 
The rainfall doesn't arrive during these months, yet with the beginning of the monsoon, the regions encounter a quite extreme amount of precipitation toward the end of May.

Viewed as the best season for the Everest Base Camp journey, the spring months are additionally the best season to visit the Mustang Valley, Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Nagarkot.

Best months to visit Nepal in Spring: 

Spring is a well-known time for short journeys in Nepal, like Ghorepani and Poon Hill or Mardi Himal.
You can explore less-visited places like tea gardens in Ilam, in eastern Nepal. Likewise, there is Panch Pokhari, 
Yet, the choices don't end there: you can likewise investigate lesser-visited objections, like the tea manors in Ilam, in eastern Nepal. There is Panch Pokhari, a distant high-altitude wetland region, with five glacial lakes. 

By May, it is getting muggier and hazier, and the weather conditions are somewhat unsettled. Go high if you're traveling and anticipate rainfall, particularly in the known wetter areas, like Annapurna and the far eastern part of the country.

Nepal in Monsoon 

With the starting of the Monsoon in Nepal with around 60% of the precipitation in the whole year, Monsoon is not viewed as a better opportunity to trek in Nepal, however, is considered as one of the most incredible times for exploring the countryside and major cities area. 

Monsoon being an off-season time of year, the months from June to the end of August experience fewer travelers in the area, which means you can get to explore the country without a crowd. The hills become greener, all the dust washed away, the mornings become clearer and are suitable for sightseeing. 

During these times, alongside the magnificence of the city areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara, incredible encounters like the Upper Mustang Valley, Dolpa Circuit, Rara Lake, Lumbini, Bardiya, and Langtang are extraordinary places and treks to explore.

Best months to visit Nepal in Monsoon: 

Monsoon starts typically from mid-June that lasts up to the last weeks of September in Nepal. We can expect heavy rainfall consistently, particularly in July and August. The amount of rainfall is extensively lighter during June and September. The good thing about rainfall in monsoon is that it lasts up to a few hours only, and its timing is unpredictable. So it's as yet conceivable to partake in an incredible excursion to Nepal during the monsoon - you should choose your itinerary and destination cautiously.

One of the major things to recall while traveling to Nepal during the monsoon season is that you should be easygoing with your itinerary outlines. Due to heavy rain in some areas, the flight might get postponed or canceled. 
Avalanches can occur, causing street terminations. Do not forget to bring suitable waterproof clothes. 

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