Bhutan is one of the most popular Himalayan countries among tourists from various countries. Both naturally blessed and culturally important Bhutan is being one of the most visited countries for its uniqueness and distinctive. Through the historical and ancient heritages to the modern days, the unique style of the country makes Bhutan one most to visit. Insisting on sustainability and eco-friendly activities, Bhutan is one country with the world's least carbon emission as well as it also relies on gross national happiness rather than the Gross domestic production.
Undistorted nature, less crowd, beautiful landscape, and Himalayan sceneries, a mountainous region offering great views, be4autiful monasteries along with monastic schools, typical traditional foods giving more uniques taste, typically uniques cultures and traditions, shrine places within the serene environment and many other things make Bhutan one best destination for a short as well long vacations. The geographical variance with diverse floras and faunas are the great eco-system Bhutan serves the visitors. Being in the Himalayan lap and its foothill, Bhutan is known as the homeland of the Thunder Dragon locally Druk Yul, and also recognized as the last paradise on earth. 
Para, Thimphu, Punakha, Chomolhari, etc. are some most visited sites in Bhutan. Those places are known for their unique cultures, historical fortresses and Royal palaces, monasteries and Dzongs, astounding mountain views and glimpse and all with the serene environment untouched by the busy urban lifestyle where peoples live with more joy and happiness and life is simple and not that fast of other crowded cities.
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