Dubai, the state of dreams with many faces, is the most popular destination where everything is luxury. The megastructures and the architectural developments of the emirate of Dubai have been able to catch the eyes of everyone from all around the world. Those megastructures are some of the best places to visit in Dubai. to be sustainable in the economy, The Dubai government has started to boost Dubai tourism and emphasis in making Dubai the best destination for holidays and vacation along with building the shore as the biggest trading and shopping hob and transit point. the all effort color in a short period and the Dubai becomes the largest trading and shopping point. 

The skyscraper is nothing big deal in Dubai as the whole downtown Dubai is under the shadow of the numerous Skyscrapers while all of them are underneath the world's tallest skyscraper- the Burj Khalifa and this tower is also home of the some most thrilling and scary adventures. Aqua-adventure, wildlife sanctuary visit, aquarium visit, desert safari, butterfly garden, and miracle garden visit are some best things to do in Dubai.

Some of the finest restaurants, world’s best shopping hubs and malls, the exceptional waterfronts and beaches, adventure at the desert with classic Arabian luxury, luxury hotels and cruise, parks and garden, ancient and historical forts and palaces, artificial islands and the masterpiece of architectures built over those man-made islands, the most luxurious hotels of the world-the Burj Al Arab and many other things of Dubai make it the best destination for every luxury seekers and relaxation looking visitors.

Dubai is a suitable destination for any type of traveler. If you love cars then luxury and premium cars are normal in the streets of Dubai, if you love art and architecture then Dubai is the hub of modern technology architectures and brilliant arts. The adventure lovers have the most adventurous things to experience that you can’t find elsewhere. In short, the sort of things to do in Dubai is very long. The short vacation or a single visit is not enough to explore and experience Dubai fully. 

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